Medical Virtual Reality


The traditional method of viewing information on a two-dimensional screen is slated to become obsolete as the adoption of VR and AR continues. With the advancements of these technologies, our digital worlds will converge with our physical ones, creating more productive environments that allow truly immersive work environments. Today, we all have limits for where we can be and what we can do. VR and AR can minimize those limits by letting us experience real-time events that are happening outside of our physical location.

Use Cases:

  • VR meetings
  • Software Development
  • Branded Virtual Showrooms
  • VR/AR Seminars
  • Curation of existing VR/AR solutions
  • CGI 360 Training Simulations
  • Curation of existing VR/AR solutions
  • AR step-by-step instructions
  • VR Suite Installations
Medical Virtual Reality

Giving the medical community a virtual hand in improving the world’s health

Medicine has always prospered as a result of disruptive technological advancements. From penicillin to the MRI, technology has played a key role in the advancement of human care. The advent of VR/AR is no exception. Spatial computing continues this trend and offers groundbreaking solutions for our clients in the medical space. From enhancing the patient’s experience, to transforming medical care itself, XR has created a new paradigm for the medical community of today.

Use Cases:

  • Pain Distraction Therapy
  • 360 Training Simulations
  • VR Lab Installations
  • Onboarding of Medical teams to VR/AR Opportunities
  • Live Demos of VR Medical Applications
  • VR Software Development for medical institutions
Medical Virtual Reality


Some of the best ways to learn are through personal experience, and no technology better simulates this than VR and AR. Spatial computing is designed to allow learning through involvement, increased student engagement, and improved knowledge retention. Students of all ages are seeing the transformative benefits this technology brings to any educational platform. Universities and Colleges hold important positions within all of our communities. They are there to advance the boundaries of technology, drive development, and foster the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs.

Use Cases:

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Distance Learning
  • Software Development of lessons in VR/AR
  • VR Lab installations
  • 360 Capture of lectures/lessons and campus tours

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